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Terms and Conditions

Please read these terms and conditions carefully. They apply to all the holiday described in this web site and they deal with your rights and obligations to us and ours to you. We are committed to apolicy of fair trading and make every effort to ensure you will have an holiday with us.

A) Your financial security

When you book a holiday with us you can be entirely confident that in the unlikely event of our insolvency before or during your holiday any money you have paid to us is fully secured, and if you are overseas, that full arrangements will be made to repatriate you at the end of your holiday. We are also members of the Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce and Sartorial Associations, and Ethiopian Tour Operators Associations.

B) Your Holiday contract/ Booking

When you book a holiday or other travel arrangements our contract with you takes effect when we send you a written confirmation of booking by fax, email or letter. Contracts and Tour-Agreements will only be valid after being signed by both parties. If you are booking late (within 7 days of your scheduled departure date) when there is not enough time to send written confirmation the contract with us will start when we tells you that booking is confirmed. Once the contract is made we are responsible to you to provide the holiday you have booked and you are responsible to pay us for it. In each case subject to these terms and conditions.

A) Prices

All prices in this Web page are in USD per person. Prices in hotel accommodation are based on 2 people sharing a room, unless otherwise stated in the price panel. This web site is prepared many months before the start of the holiday season to which it relates and we therefore reserve the right to raise or lower our prices at any time before you book. If we do you will be told of the revised price applicable to your booking before you commit yourself. Once you have booked the price of your holiday is guaranteed and will not be subject to any surcharge. For details of what is included and not included in your holiday price see “Date and Rate”

B) Payments

Payment of the price of your holiday is due:
  • 25% of the total tour costs must be paid two weeks after signing of Tour Agreement by both parties.
  • The remaining amount of the total costs must be paid 30 days before the commencement of the Tour.
  • If at that time complete payment has not been received, Elmi Tour is not indebted to conduct the Tour.
  • Please note your holiday may be cancelled if you fail to make payment on time and you would then owe us the cancellation charges set out below.

A) Special Requests

If you have any special request that does not form part of the holiday as described in this web site (for Example dietary requirements or room location) please let us knows. We will always try to meet such requests, but cannot guarantee to do so. In no circumstance will such requests be accepted by us to form part of our contractual obligations and we will not have an liability of they are not met.

B) If you make changes

If you change the number of people for whom you have booked. The holiday price will be re-calculated for the new party size. If for example, your party is reduced in number this may mean that accommodation us under-occupied and each of the remainder of your party may have to pay more. If the charge means an increase in the price per person of the remaining passengers. If you with to make any changes whole on holiday (e.g. upgrading your accommodation or extending your stay) all requests are subject to availability and any extra costs must be paid locally.

A) If you cancel

We start to incur costs for your holiday from the time you confirm your booking and the closer it is your planned holiday the more likely we are to incur much cost. So if you cancel your holiday we have to make a charge and the later the cancellation the more that charge will be.

Cancellations of confirmed bookings received more than 30 days prior to departure are subject to a cancellation fee of 10% of the total Tour Costs

  • By cancellations received 30 – 20 days before commencement of the Tour, 25% of the total Tour costs have to be paid.
  • By cancellations received 19 - 10 days before commencement of the Tour, 50% of the total Tour costs have to be paid.
  • By cancellations received 9 – 3 days before commencement of the Tour, 75% of the Tour costs have to be paid.
  • After that, 100% of the Tour costs have to be paid.
  • We strongly recommend our clients to effect cancellation insurance.

    If one or more members of your party cancels this may mean that accommodation us under occupied and the holiday price of the remaining members of your party may be increased to reflect this.

    B) If we make changes

    This Web Site is prepared many months before the holiday season to which it relates so changes may be made to the information contained in it. If any changes occur before you have booked we will let you know at the time of booking. Sometimes even after we have confirmed your booking we may have to make alterations to your holiday arrangements. We will inform you or your outbound tour operator as soon as

    possible before your departure, but will have no other liability to you.

    Occasionally we may have to make a significant change to your holiday after confirmation. Significant changes include the following;-

    • Change of your time of departure or return in domestic flights
    • Change of resort area
    • Change of accommodation where the new accommodation is of a lower official classification.
    • If we have to make a significant change we will notify you as soon as possible.
    • Our Liability to You

      We accept full liability for the proper performance of our obligations under our agreement with you for the provision of your holiday. If you have a justified complaint about any of the services forming part of the holiday we have confirmed. We will pay you reasonable compensation. The staff of Rewards tour will conduct every Tour as agreed with every individual client to the best of their ability.

      1. However, Rewards tour cannot be held responsible for cancellations and over-bookings made by third parties such as hotels, airlines, transport companies or other Travel agencies.
      2. Although we only make use of safe and well insured cars and other materials and every possible care is taken to safeguard our clients and their properties, Elmi Tour cannot be held responsible for any loss or harm of personal goods, consequences of sickness, accidents or calamities.
      3. All extra costs resulting from above mentioned situations are for the client’s own account.
      4. Rewards tour will use its best efforts to assist as an agent for our clients in dealing with third parties and in cases of need such as theft, sickness, injuries or other calamities
      5. If the failure or improper performances is your fault or the fault of any member of your party
      6. If the failure is the fault of some one else not connected with the provision of the services which make up the holiday which we have confirmed to you
      7. Any unusual and unforeseen circumstances beyond our control, the consequences of which could not have been avoided even if all due care had been exercised
      8. Any event which we, or the supplier of any service, even with all due care could not foresee or forestall.
      9. We shall offer prompt general assistance to any client who through mishap suffers difficulty, illness, personal injury or death during the holiday with us and arising out of an activity which neither forms part of the holiday we have confirmed not on excursion booked through us.
      10. Indemnity When you book a holiday with us you accept responsibility for the proper conduct of your self and your party while on holiday. We reserve the right to terminate your holiday or that of any member of your party due to misconduct. If your action or those of any member of your party